Talent Buying Grit: A quest to learn the pains of being a talent buyer

I want to learn everything there is about the process of talent buying.

My goal: Learn about how talent buyers get their jobs done. This means asking about the tools they use, the methods they do, and their general philosophies about ho w they’re able to bring the best talent to their venues.

I’m looking to speak to talent buyers who book for venues no bigger than 400 in capacity.


  1.  I want to interview 500 talent buyers.
  2. How do they go from an empty calendar date
  3. What tools do they use?
  4. How much time does it take?
  5. What are the biggest difficulties?
  6. What metrics are tracked throughout the process?
  7. What is the most valuable part of the whole process?
  8. What is the favorite part of the process?
  9. What part of the process do they hate the most?

Why am I doing this? I’m hoping to learn about the process as thoroughly as possible in hopes of writing up a document on best practices for talent buying. Having done talent buying myself for a time, I feel it’s an underserved, and under-studied facet of the music industry, but it’s absolutely necessary to make it happen. The specifics of the research will remain confidential, and the writeup will be common trends that present themselves over the course of the interviews.

I’m going to help the talent buying industry, but first  I need to build the foundation of understanding about the whole industry.

If you’d like to take part, or know someone who might want to, please fill out the form below:


One thought on “Talent Buying Grit: A quest to learn the pains of being a talent buyer

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