In the hunt for 500 talent buyers, I made a list, starting with Portland (48 venues)

So, considering my goal to interview and learn from 500 Talent buyers  (know any? are you one? I’d love to talk to you!) for my crazy research project, I figured I’d start in my own home town, and then branch out from there.

Here is a list of all the Portland (and somewhat surrounding areas) that seem to have gigs on a regular enough basis to warrant a conversation with the research project, but if you’re in a band and you’re trying to get in touch with people, this may be really helpful: <—- check out this list, help me fill in what’s missing

Below is a screenshot of the list


Happy booking!

Write it down. On the low.

For fathers day, my dad asked me how I was doing. It was a kind gesture, and we talked about it. “Overall things are fine, but everyone has their low days” I replied.
He gave me a hug and said something to the effect of “Try writing whatever it is you’re feeling down on paper. By the time you finish writing, I bet you’ll start to feel better.” We continued to talk about it for a bit, but I have spent my free time today thinking about it.
I realized that’s some solid advice. The best part is, what you write down never needs to be read again if you don’t want, shoot you could even burn the paper. Slightly symbolic in a sense too. I often feel like I have no one to talk to about my low days, which I know deep down isn’t true, but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel that way in the moment you know? I think writing this may be a good new way to soothe those emotions. Mindfulness helps as well.
Anyone else have any methods they use? Curious about it.

What is self anyways?

The more I learn new knowledge about everything I can, the less attached to my sense of self I become. Especially reading about the quantum mechanics and that realm. It feels like I’m slowly slipping away from my identity as any kind of self, and merely just a self aware energy source, who happens to be in this body.

I actually asked myself “Who is Charley, really” the other day. Not in any ‘trying to find myself’ kind of way, but quite literally what the fuck is my own self-awareness. Thinking that then led me to realize just how limited I am merely Continue reading

If you want to make it in music, and you haven’t read this book, GTFO. Ari Herstand nails it.

Ari Herstand has become a beacon of hope for the new music industry, consistently offering top notch advice based on his experiences as a DIY artist in a way that’s meant to help others, something I hope to do as well, so immediately his site Ari’s Take resonated with me. Learning about the book he wrote lead me to purchase it, and well…. it blew me away. After reading so many books on music business, (which I’ll list recommended ones at the end of this blog) I started trying to sort out which ideas were even still relevant (some of the books were dated), and then how to apply them to this day and age considering the music industry is completely different than it was 20 years ago, shoot even 10 years ago it’s flipped on it’s head, and in the last 5 it’s made even MORE drastic changes.

Continue reading

Ben Folds. Thank you for the inspiration to get the f* out of my basement.

Today I was listening to the audiobook of Ari Herstand’s book How To Make It in the New Music Business and I almost jumped out of my chair at a quote he had from Ben Folds. Actually… no I did jump out of my chair, except I was driving and the chair had a steering wheel in front of me and…. well anyways here’s the quote:

FUCKING NAILS IT. Book after book, page after page, trying to figure out a trend between the groups of people that progress toward their dreams, and Continue reading

Happy accidents: Unplanned revelations of what appear to be universal patterns for accomplishing any goal

There are two things you can do in life ever, you can either work towards goals you have, or you don’t. I’m going to ignore the latter and talk about what it takes to work towards a goal. I started reading thousands of pages of books to hunt down exactly what it takes to make someone achieve a goal, no matter how big that goal may be. I focus a lot on the entertainment industry, because it’s my passion, but my research took me in to many many sectors other than entertainment. The pursuit of this, which started after I read the book The Slight Edge, since then I’ve been all over the map:

  1. Baseball (Moneyball)
  2. Entrepreneurship (Crossing the Chasm, Positioning, The 80/20 principle, Nail it then Scale It, The Personal MBA)
  3. Habits of successful people/principles of success (Mastery, Good to Great, The 10X Rule, The Slight Edge, Outliers)
  4. Zen and motorcycle maintenance which ended up being a provocative thought bender on the concept of quality, and what it is
  5. Investment strategies (A Random Walk Down Wall Street, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor)
  6. Autobiographies (Born a Crime)
  7. The Olympics in Nazi Germany (The Boys in the Boat)
  8. Buddhism/Mindfulness (Mindfulness in Plain English, The Practicing Mind, 10% Happier, The Buddha Walks into a Bar)
  9. Traits of leadership (Leaders eat Last, Start with Why)
  10. and even a sci-fi/western/time-travelling/magic casting 7 volume adventure

The craziest part about all of these books is that all of these, in one way or another, have given me chips, chunks, parts and pieces of an extremely big picture puzzle I didn’t ever expect to stumble on. That’s still boggling me now, that I never expected to find these patterns, they just kept showing up as I continued researching about these topics. What was most interesting, they seem to apply no matter what the specific topic is.  Continue reading

What is the missing link to bridge entertainment from a hobby, to a making a living? I think I finally found it.

Opening thought: Maybe it’s time for someone to redefine art. Bridge the gap between art, product, and progress, as a society.

Art redefined? Now there’s an interesting thought. What is it to create art? Recently I’ve realized myself that art… is…. progress (I could, and I likely will, get into a whole blog about that by itself, but for now I’ll keep it short). It is the very definition of progress, in my eyes. Realizing this, I found it to be the redefinition I’ve been looking for. But how do I make a living off of this? What am I doing wrong?! Why haven’t I gotten it yet? Well… what I believe to be part of the answer, was elusive, but the simplicity was astounding. I’m not treating it like a business, if I want to make money, treating it like a business is how it’s done. Period. End of story (except not). Now that I realized that simple truth, how on earth do I motivate to do all the stuff that has nothing directly to do with the stuff I love?!

I start thinking to myself “Well, all I love doing is making music and performing music, I don’t want to learn the business stuff, I don’t want to do any of the other stuff, just music and perform”. And the more I learned about that, the more I realized I couldn’t be any more wrong in by not wanting to learn about business, but WHY was I reluctant? Because I would feel like a sellout? Because the business side is a drag? Because the that side does nothing for my creative side? Will I be seen as not a true artist? AHHH! (Head explodes!) Then, Randall happened. In two sentences he blew my mind. Continue reading