I can’t stomach the world we’re leaving in our wake.

What is this world we’re living in now? We live in a world that permits, and places in power those who value money more than a life. Not just life in the sense of being alive, but life in the sense of quality of living. The richest country in the world sentences it’s poor to death because we can’t find it in our hearts to collectively chip in for the greater good.

Since childhood, everyone learns that anything in groups or teams can do more than an individual. We’re sitting on the greatest team of all time now, and it’s not just our country. Two heads are better than one, a country is better than two, and the world is better than a country. Yes we have our differences, but almost every time I’ve sat down to listen and understand perspective in dissent from my own, we find common ground. Our culture seems to set us up from birth to be the “Us versus them” on just about everything, but the most traveled people I know, and have met, all realize that we’re all the same at the core, just trying to get by day to day and somehow find a path to whatever we deem happiness.

I keep asking myself though…. how there are terrible terrible people still in power, and being put into power? If ever there were a distinction between good and evil, I think that we’re finally, as a global culture, starting to wake up to that reality.

For the first time in human existence we can empathize on a global level due to the unbelievable speed of information with the internet. But this information comes at a price, and requires that on the most fundamental level critical thinking is held before conclusions are made. If that moment of thought isn’t held, and critical thinking engaged, progress as a society halts.

What I’m seeing, and it’s giving me hope though, is that a byproduct of this global cultural interconnectivity is allowing people to get answers from outside their cultures with the click of a button. The residue of this is a cultural immune system that is working on two fronts, to find a global value set, and enforce it, all through the internet. I see two scenarios that lift my spirits each time.

  1. Positive actions are more frequently being reinforced with more good actions. Someone does something awesome, or is in need, and people rally to support. The most notable example is communities and people giving out of the kindness of their hearts to help pay each others medical expenses or life hardships with things like GoFundMe, when there would never have been an opportunity otherwise. This is one half of the cultural immune system fostering a positive outcome.
  2. Negative actions are being quelled with transparency and free flowing information. As often as good actions are being lifted up, negative influences on the world are being called out on a global scale. Now people should, and have to think twice about their value sets if they represent negative influences on the world such as racism, bigotry, and any other generally awful values. People rally to berate, educate, and correct those who by all accounts should probably re-evaluate their negatively influential tenets.

While it seems like in some spots, we’re going to hell in a handbasket, I’m actually hopeful, and hedging my bets on the slow momentum gaining around this inadvertent global cultural immune system that has sprung up as a result of the worldwide instantaneous communication. I’d rather have slow moving progress than none at all, or worse…. backwards progress. High five for the cultural immune system.

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